Take a look at our extensive range of piercing jewellery. Our large stock of products includes belly button and navel rings, nose rings, industrials, septum clickers, tongue barbells & eyebrow bars. We also have a large selection of nipple jewellery, plug & tunnels & tragus piercings. We also stock cartilage barbells, lip labret and monroe piercings and many more. Free shipping is available!

  • Belly Bars & Navel Rings

    Belly Bars & Navel Rings (267)

    With 100's of designs of belly bars in stock we are sure you will find that must have belly piercing! As standard the bars on our navel rings are 14 gauge (1.6mm) and mostly 10 mm in length. With a small selection of belly bars available with 6 mm and 8 mm long barbells. Barbells are manufactured from surgical steel with many available with either a gold or rose gold plated finish. Titanium and Bioflex is also available for those with sensitive skin, allergies or during pregnancy. If your looking for something fun we also have a selection funny novelty belly bars. What are you waiting for? Order your next belly button ring now, only from The Body Jewellery Store.
  • Nose Studs & Rings

    Nose Studs & Rings (109)

    With so many different designs of nose stud in stock we are confident that you'll find that must have piercing! We have a wide range of nose rings available in 18 gauge and 20 gauge with a limited range or 22 gauge studs. The vast majority of our nose piercings are available in different colours or finishes. As standard our nose piercing rings are manufactured from surgical stainless steel. We also have a small stock of Titanium and Bio flex studs. Our range includes nose bones, L bends and rings with a variety of stones & gems for that extra sparkle.
  • Cartilage Jewellery

    Cartilage Jewellery (138)

    We have a fantastic range of cartilage jewellery available and we are sure you’ll find something you will love! Whether you're looking for helix, tragus or cartilage studs, rings or industrial barbell we have the lot. Most of our cartilage studs and rings are available in various colours or finishes.
  • Nipple Bars & Rings

    Nipple Bars & Rings (149)

    With a fantastic range of nipple bars available we're sure you’ll love them all! The vast majority of our nipple piercing bars can be purchased as a single barbell or a pair. Customers have the flexibility to be able to buy a single barbell if only one nipple is pierced. Or if you have previously purchased a pair and lost one this saves the expense of having to purchase two. Please note that buying a pair works out cheaper than buying two single nipple bars. The majority of our nipple bars are available in various colours or finishes. We also have a good selection of non-piercing clip-on nipple shields. Now it's possible to have that pierced look without the initial pain. What are you waiting for? Buy yours now.
  • Plugs Tunnels & Stretchers

    Plugs Tunnels & Stretchers (42)

    We have a wide range of plugs, tunnels & stretchers in variety of materials and colours. These include organic, surgical steel and acrylic. Whether you're just starting out on your ear stretching journey or thinking about a new look. We are confident you will find what you are looking for right here.
  • Horseshoes & Captive Rings

    Horseshoes & Captive Rings (12)

    Horseshoes and captive bead rings are the most versatile pieces of body jewellery available on the market. Available in so many different gauges and diameters they can be used in a variety of piercings. From nose & septum rings to eyebrow, nipple & ear cartilage piercings to the more intimate Frenum or Frenulum piercing.
  • Lip Labrets & Studs

    Lip Labrets & Studs (86)

    Discover The Body Jewellery Store's wide range of Lip Labrets & Studs. Whether it's a small stud, a hoop or an horseshoe you've come to the right place.
  • Tongue Bars & Barbells

    Tongue Bars & Barbells (31)

    We have a range of good quality tongue bars and straight barbells in various colours and finishes. Surgical steel comes as standard with the vast majority of our tongue bars and piercings. With gold and titanium plating an option on some designs. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.
  • Eyebrow bars & Rings

    Eyebrow bars & Rings (27)

    Here at The Body Jewellery Store we have a nice selection of eyebrow bars and rings. Our range includes surgical steel and Titanium barbells in various sizes and colour. We are sure you will find something you love that gives the appearance you are looking for.
  • Genital Piercings

    Genital Piercings (2)

    Genital piercings and body jewellery are becoming more popular among both men and women. Easily the most popular piercings for men are the Prince Albert with the piercing placed through the head of the penis and a variation on this called the Reverse Prince Albert piercing. Other popular male piercings are the Frenum and Guiche piercings followed by the Ampallang and Hafada piercings. For the ladies the most popular piercing by far is the VCH piercing (Vertical Clitoral Hood) as many women find it provides heightened stimulation during sexual activity. Inner and Outer Labia Piercings are quite common and often done in pairs to give a symmetrical effect and also the Christina which is positioned above the clitoral hood. We also have jewellery suitable for Princess Albertina, Princess Diana and HCH (Horizontal Clitoral Hood) Piercings.
  • Christmas Jewellery

    Christmas Jewellery (8)

    Christmas JewelleryGet into the festive spirit with some of our Christmas jewellery. Choose from a selection of belly bars, earrings and cartilage piercings.