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Genital piercings and body jewellery are becoming more popular among both men and women. Easily the most popular piercings for men are the Prince Albert with the piercing placed through the head of the penis and a variation on this called the Reverse Prince Albert piercing. Other popular male piercings are the Frenum and Guiche piercings followed by the Ampallang and Hafada piercings.
For the ladies the most popular piercing by far is the VCH piercing (Vertical Clitoral Hood) as many women find it provides heightened stimulation during sexual activity. Inner and Outer Labia Piercings are quite common and often done in pairs to give a symmetrical effect and also the Christina which is positioned above the clitoral hood. We also have jewellery suitable for Princess Albertina, Princess Diana and HCH (Horizontal Clitoral Hood) Piercings.